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Who and what is Prolingua?

Welcome to Prolingua!

Prolingua is an association for English and Afrikaans language practitioners from a very broad spectrum of disciplines.

Among Prolingua's objectives are:

  • standardising, as far as possible, subject terms and texts that lend themselves to standardisation;
  • improving the quality of translation in general;
  • affording members the opportunity mutually to discuss their translation and terminology problems;
  • compiling subject lexicons independently or in cooperation with other institutions and making these available to members of Prolingua or publishing them;
  • cooperating with other bodies such as translation and lexicographic institutions to achieve Prolingua's objectives; and
  • keeping members abreast of a broad spectrum of disciplines by means of talks, visits, et cetera.

We meet once a month alternately in Pretoria and Johannesburg. The Pretoria meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month in Room I-52 (Engineering building) at the Tshwane Municipality in Centurion. The Johannesburg meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month in Roodepoort at the Florida Campus of Unisa, in C Block (GJ Gerwel Building), Room 601.

We have several email members who live elsewhere and therefore cannot attend meetings but participate diligently by email! These members receive all the agendas, minutes and lists of terms by email so that they also keep abreast of Prolingua's activities.

At present, there are three categories of membership: honorary membership, individual membership (R110 per year) and corporate membership (R530 per year). Pensioners' membership is R55 per year. Membership holds certain benefits. To join, click here for the necessary information.

Prolingua is a non-profit legal entity.

Kindly contact us at


Petro Lancashire
Tel: 011 763 1722


Karien Brits
Tel: 011 919 9136


Retha Bosman
Tel: 011 559 3383


Vigné Nöthnagel
Tel: 012 358 1035