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Programme for 2017

Wednesday 8 February: Centurion
Guest speaker: Johann Russouw (Sports commentator)
Topic: Sport in Afrikaans oor die radio (Sport in Afrikaans on the radio)

Tuesday 14 March: Florida

Wednesday 12 April: Centurion

Tuesday 9 May: Florida
Guest speaker: Prof. Bertus van Rooy (North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus)
Topic: Die onderskeid tussen innovasie en inburgering van nuwe uitdrukkings in 'n taal (The distinction between innovation and assimilation of new expressions into a language)

Wednesday 14 June: Centurion
Guest speaker: Alexa Barnby (Unisa)
Topic: Alexa Barnby will present a language usage workshop for English.

Tuesday 11 July: Florida
Guest speakers: Bittie Viljoen-Smook and Wena Coetzee
Topic: Writing principles for the South African business sector/ Skryfbeginsels in die Suid-Afrikaanse sakesektor

Wednesday 16 August: Centurion (Annual General Meeting)
Guest speaker: Chris Burger (Senior Researcher with the CSIR)
Topic: Radiotegnologie en radioterme (Radio technology and radio terms)
The Prolingua award will be presented to Chris for his contribution to the field of language.

Tuesday 12 September: Florida
Guest speaker: Prof. Wannie Carstens (North-West University)
Topic: Prof. Wannie will present a language usage workshop for Afrikaans.

Wednesday 11 October: Centurion
Guest speaker: Prof Gerhard van Huyssteen
Topic: The new Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreëls

Tuesday 14 November
Year-end in Pretoria